This print collection “Circles and Tiny Details” include three prints namely Ripples, Sunburst, and … is inspired by many trips to different parts of Southern Africa (South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe) as well as by a number of relevant and irrelevant aspects that have influenced my life over time. The colorful cultural mix and diverse geometric traditional shweshwe printed fabrics seen in Southern Africa elegantly embody/showcase inclusion, acceptance and a history of valuable exchanges between people from all over the world.  

I personally find Circles appealing as they symbolize wholeness and the life-force that keeps our reality in a dynamic balance with no clear beginning or end but rather allowing for different cycles of growth to manifest within them. With each cycle carrying an immense amount of tiny details inviting us to look closely, consciously, and within while valuing each moment irrespective of the experience which eventually enables us to connect the dots in the next cycles of our lives… provided we don’t stand in our own way…

So, about colors… aren’t they just the most beautiful things one could come across. They literally make me vibrate at a different frequency I swear. The print colors are inspired by just everyday things sometimes overlooked; some yellow sunshine, reddish brown fertile soil, breathtaking turquoise water and much more.

The designs represent both fluidity and structure which is one of my interpretations of being a woman. Showing off beautiful curves in tight-fitting bodices but yet having insertions of fluidity catering for a relaxed energy flow is sometimes just the right mix I need to blossom and connect with myself.

The garments in this collection are named after some deep realizations I have had on my own journey of “Cirlcles and Tiny Details”.

I hope you enjoy these pieces and feel the love and precision invested in them.

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5 products