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MEFIRE is about nurturing the fire within you. It is about walking the courageous part of loving and integrating all parts of yourself so as to experience the beauty of your own wholeness. At the core of MEFIRE, is a deep-routed love for bold, bubbly and colorful Afrocentric prints rendered in beautiful and unique well-fitting designs.

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Women Who Wear Us

  • the woman who likes unique designs & ravishing prints
  • the woman who radiates elegance and class effortlessly
  • the woman who invests in special pieces instead of fast fashion
  • the woman who invests in well made lasting garments
  • the woman who values quality, transparency & accountability in the supply chain
  • the woman who embraces growth while honoring where she is in her journey

Meet the Founder

Hello there! My  name is Joanna MEFIRE Atemnkeng from Cameroon. I fell in love with the self-expressive nature of fashion, particularly colourful fashion at a very early age. My mum’s elegant dresses and attention to detail had the biggest impact on me. Vibrant “African” batik/wax fabrics sewn in stylish designs by local tailors defined my youth. However, it is only after moving to Germany in 2007 and completing my Master’s degree in Biological Sciences that I decided to follow my heart’s desire to become a pattern maker and fashion designer.

Shop Our Best Sellers

Shop Our Best Sellers

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Experience the Perfect Fit and Flattering Silhouettes with Our Shop Top and Skirt Selection at once to cope the look.

Beautiful bustier top with piping detailing: Africanprints, Africanfashion, ankaratop

“It’s all about me” Bustier Top

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Size Guide

Having wider hips/bottom and/or bust but yet a relatively smaller waistline (X-figure) is a very common silhouette for us women of African origins and women of color. As these proportions are not always taken into account in mainstream fashion, it is usually a struggle to get a size that fits right. At MEFIRE, sizing and fitting are very personal to the brand and we believe that all body shapes are unique and beautiful. This is why we developed an in-house size chart based on the highly rated Gabriel Pattern System using real data capturing the proportions mentioned above